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Northwest Arkansas Biblical History and Creation Museum
The Great Passion Play
Biblical History Museum

Welcome to the Biblical Philosophy of History Museum 

The Season is: May - October

(The museums will be open on the same days as the Play 10am - 7pm and Friday/Saturday 12pm-6pm November - April)

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Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to share the historicity of the biblical worldview, apologetics and the areas of origins that I have covered for years, but it also allows us to partner with one of the BEST Bible Museums in the United States as well as the Sacred Arts Museum.

These 3 museums compliment each other perfectly and serve to give the public an incredible (and Free) introduction to Christian history through history, arts and the bible itself:

  • The Creation History Museum provides a brief snapshot of the history of creation and mankind and how the Bible fits into that as well as providing evidences (apologetics) for God's existence as well as why Christian theism and the Bible provide the most logical and plausible worldview of existence. *Many free items are always available to help "the believer think and the thinker to believe." **Also there is a section on the history of the Passion Play itself.
  • The Bible Museum is literally one of the best in the country based on the quality of their exhibits. A first edition King James in fantastic condition valued close to $500k, a $100k page of the Gutenberg, a hand-written Wycliffe page, etc. (in other words VERY hard to find items) - the Bible Museum has them all and a great staff (Bill and Leroy) prepared to walk you thru every detail of the English Bible. (Also a great book/video store to get yourself equipped to know more about our history as well as share it with others).
    • Also a full-sized Tabernacle tour to really feel and see what the tabernacle and meeting place of God was like.
  • The Sacred Arts Museum walks you through the Arts and its impact and reflections upon Christian theism throughout the centuries. (Prints available for purchasing and excellent tours free of charge)

 The Purposes of the Museums are:

  • We exist to invite all people to engage with the Bible (holistically).
  • Our mission is in inviting biblical exploration through museum exhibits and scholarly pursuits that all can easily understand as well as helping the believer see why Christianity is true and share with others these truths. (In an ever-increasing hostile world to Christianity it will become increasingly important to know what Christianity is and why it is true - 1 Peter 3:15).
  • Also I (James Stroud) would be honored to work with Public/Private/Home School groups to increase "critical thinking" skills among our students. Whether this is simply a personalized tour, your reviewing any of my published works on the subject (all provided for Free), etc. Please remember my education has all been secular so this is just a free offer to see 2 differing viewpoints (naturalism vs non-naturalism) and then let the students think critically on the topic. 
    • I work with over 100 PhDs at both Logos Research Associates as well as Discovery Institute so would be more than happy to see if we could get any of this wide array to speak at your schools as well if interested.
    • Naturalism is all but dead so we feel that by continuing to push an outdated "logical-positivism" like view on your students is part of the reason IQ levels continue to drop year over year as does the ability to think critically about a given topic.

Thank you and God Bless!

Our Bible Museum with tons of original copies and 1st editions of most every Bible and the role they played in shaping American history.

Also we will (in the fashion of Francis Schaeffer) the Sacred Arts Museum has art pieces dating back to the 9th century thru the Renaissance, the Baroque period and all the way thru today showing how history and art are often times hand-in-hand together. 

Just a few pictures (also many Free items will be available at the Museum):


 Just a glimpse: History exhibits, an activity science center and tons of free books/dvds. 

  We hope to see you soon!




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