The Great Passion Play
Biblical History Museum

05-10-2016 7:31:14 PM CST

Praise the Lord!

The Museum is now open and running like a top!

I am slated to go to Seattle for a 9 day seminar on the concept of Intelligent Design and the philosophy of Science and the Arts; I'm sure I will make some valuable contacts as well as gain even more insight into why the Christian concept of God is more plausible today than ever.

I have debated many secular/humanistic/naturalistic scholars and can assure you their arguments (if against Christian theism or even the Bible) are almost always without warrant. No offense but when I have asked the groups "if they believe in some form of naturalism" most don't even know what this term or others mean. So long story short I hope and pray that students as well as adults will take the time to evaluate and think critically on such arguments like: "Oh yeah... Well who created God?" (These type arguments are known to be based in ignorance but at a popular level they can shake a freshman (another reason why Christians need to better educate themselves so they can teach their children and prepare them instead of burying their heads in the sand...))

We have 3 museums on the Passion Play grounds, shopping center, (I have plenty of free goods at the history museum (books/dvds/etc.) to help the believer to think and the thinker to believe; also we have a small library where you may borrow as you would like. Eureka Springs is not that far away so we hope to see you soon.

Also feel free to visit some of our sister sites/partners:

**Also please email Peter Freund if you're in the NWA area ( He is heading Ratio Christi's Apologetic chapter at the University of Arkansas and is looking at hosting several upcoming apologetics training sessions. 


03-06-2016 11:05:55 AM CST

The season is almost here!!! Please make plans (and share the word) that all 3 museums will be up and running in May (see for more information). All we have left is a small section on the history of the Passion Play itself which will display some of the first costumes used in the 1960s when the play first got up and running. (And we can ALWAYS use volunteers so if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer please contact the the Play for more details).

Here is a little bit where we started in July and are as of today. Please help spread the word and see you then!


And you can see more pictures on the homepage, our FB page, or of course in person in May! ;o)


12-22-2015 4:32:57 PM CST

The museum is coming along! There will be MANY Free books, DVDs, and more to help the believer to "think" and the thinker to "believe" so please make sure you make plans now to visit all 3 of our museums in May - October 2016!


07-30-2015 5:12:29 PM CST

Praise the Lord!!!! Though there is some work ahead of us we have truly been blessed with an opportunity to partner with Randall Christy and the Great Passion Play in opening our Christian history museum alongside the Play's ideas around a Passion Play museum! TRULY a blessing and we are very excited about this venture! Once we get some of the initial rennovations/remodels out of the way (shouldn't be anything too crazy or expensive) we should be able to start work and Lord willing be done by the end of the year and ready to do a soft-opening perhaps end of year or beginning of next with us opening along with the Great Passion Plays 2016 season!

Check back regularly and let's really get behind this exciting time! (My wife and I are already planning on how we can advertise with Walmart, Crystal Bridges as well as KLRC and some other church groups; keep in touch and let us know your ideas as well so we can really make next year a great year for the Passion Play but more importantly for the Lord and pointing people back to Him).

**We will hopefully be sending updates and pictures with each step of the process of the museum coming into being so stay posted!


05-31-2015 8:32:55 PM CST

The first blog for the NWA Philosophy of History and Cultural Center Museum! So tons of questions surround this endeavor and will be updated as soon as I myself know! ;o)

Not that it matters - but b/c it will inevitably be asked... I was born in 1978; have degrees in the philosophy of religion and a Masters in ancient and classical history. My masters thesis was on the philosophy of history and this was published in 2013 by Tate publishing. (Tate then as of this year agreed to publish a small work on the philosophy of art as well as a work that had previously been published by a POD publisher (Xulon) on the basics of Christian apologetics). My wife and I have traveled to several countries and worked with hosting many speakers at different universities. We lived in New York City from 2009-2012 and had a wonderful opportunity to visit museum after museum and collect pieces as we go and now we seek (Lord willing) to bring these pieces and a (very) small museum to the NWA area.

For the first one just a few things you will see will include: the ancient King's Bible 1550, the Bishop's Bible 1574, Geneava 1584 which led to the King James Bible; all of these and more will be on exhibit as well as a complete historic timeline from the beginning of recorded history thru today. Also we'll have on exhibit Renaissance and Baroque paintings as well as many others! A small exhibit on the history of film and how all of this ties into Christianity; Francis Schaeffer saw this and attempted to communicate this to the world and I pray that I can help (in however small of a way) continue this legacy.